Start64!Windows Internet Explorer 9 delivers web sites and applications that look and perform like native PC applications through the power of Windows.

Extramon 64bit version

2011-Mar-15 | Tags: displaykavoom

Start64!Extramon lets you use a second computer as a second monitor, giving you a dual-monitor computer. In fact, both of your computers become dual-monitor computers. And you can operate them both from a single keyboard and mouse. No hardware or cabling needed. All you need is two networked computers sitting side-by-side.

ShutdownGuard 64-bit version

2011-Mar-14 | Tags: adminfreeware

Start64!ShutdownGuard tries to prevents applications to shutdown, reboot or log off your computer. When it prevents a shutdown in Windows XP, it will pop up in the tray and ask you if you want to continue. In Vista and Windows 7, you will see another dialog.

Data Shredder 64bit version

2011-Mar-14 | Tags: freewareserverwin8-64bitwiping

Start64!New version! - The new ProtectStar™ Data Shredder 2.1 ushers in an intelligent generation of solutions for secure deletion of sensitive data. This compact and user friendly software was designed with the data deletion needs of both business and private users, and allows all data to be deleted in such a way that it is completely beyond recovery, even for experts and government agencies.

T-Clock x64 - 64bit System Tray Clock

2011-Mar-13 | Tags: clocktray

Start64!T-Clock - (System) Tray Clock; While the default Windows clock does provide the time, T-Clock allows it to also display the (customizable) day, date, and User Configurable shortcuts to favorite applications.

Start64!New version!The ContextConsole Shell Extension adds an "Open Command Prompt" menu item to the context menus (right-click menus) in Windows Explorer so that you can open a command prompt in the selected directory (or directories) or in the current directory that you are viewing.

GeForce/ION Driver v267.24

2011-Mar-01 | Tags: nvidia

Start64!Version: 267.24 BETA
Release Date: 2011.03.01
Operating System: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows Vista 64-bit
File Size: 158 MB

Double Feature 64bit version

2011-Feb-23 | Tags: freewarevideo

Start64!Double Feature is a simple movie organizer for Windows, designed for small and medium-sized collections.

FileBox eXtender 64bit version

2011-Feb-23 | Tags: freewareicon

Start64!New version! - Welcome to FileBox eXtender, a product of Hyperionics Technology LLC. FileBox eXtender (or FbX for short) enhances the Windows user interface in several powerful ways. It allows you to:

Start64!WirelessKeyDump is a console application (Command Prompt) that dumps the list of all wireless keys stored by the wireless networks module of Windows operating system.

Start64!Version: 11.2
Release date: 2011.02.15
File Size: 93.5 MB

Start64!Version: 11.2
Release date: 2011.02.15
File Size: 85.2 MB

Start64!Today's Internet requires a whole new approach to security. Almost everything is interconnected and taking place in real time. And that includes threats. To be effective, security software must be constantly alert for new forms of deviousness.

Start64!This plugin allows to mount disk images as additional logical drives. When an image is mounted, a new drive appears in the system. Its letter is specified beforehand, and this drive contains all the contents of the image file. If the "Read only" mode is not turned on, user can change data on this drive, and the image file will change accordingly.

AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 64bit version

2011-Jan-17 | Tags: photoshopplugin

Start64!AV Bros. Puzzle Pro 3.0 is an 8bf plug-in for: Adobe Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop Pro, Adobe Fireworks and other compatible hosts. The product works under Windows XP, Vista (32/64), Windows 7 (32/64) and Mac OS X (Universal application).