Start64!New version! - O&O DiskStat enables you to analyze used space on your hard disk with the help of Charts (Doughnut, Bar or Treemap). As soon as you start the program, you are presented with a concise overview of your entire hard disk. With the help of O&O DiskStat, you can identify and dispose of superfl uous fi les, saving yourself valuable hard disk space in the process!

O&O DiskStat 2 Pro 64bit version

Using O&O DiskStat is similar to using Windows Explorer. You can navigate through your hard disk simply and clearly and analyze the folder and fi les on your drives. Unlike with Windows Explorer however, with O&O DiskStat, you can also analyze folders. This you can do either as a percentage or as a whole, depending on your requirements. O&O DiskStat also arranges the largest folders or applications automatically into a Top n list, saving you precious time in establishing space usage!


  • IMPROVED: Graphic display in the user interface
  • Quick Analysis of the File System Structure
  • Supports All Internal and External Drives
  • Intuitive and Appealing Representation of File and Folder Structure
  • Windows Explorer Look & Feel
  • Easily Find Files Occupying the Most Disk Space
  • Full Support of 64-bit Systems
  • Full Microsoft Windows Vista Compatibility

O&O DiskStat 2 Pro 64bit version

O&O DiskStat 2 Pro 64bit version