ConsoleZ 64-bit version

2014-Feb-15 | Tags: admincommandlinefreewareportablewin8-64bit

Start64!This is a modified version of Console 2 for a better experience under Windows Vista/7/8 and a better visual rendering.

  •  Splitting Tabs into views (horizontally and vertically)
  •  Grouping views (so input sent to one goes to all of them)
  •  Windows Vista aero glass theme
  •  Windows 7 jumplist
  •  Windows 7 wallpaper positions and slideshow
  •  Windows 8 wallpapers on dual screen
  •  Zooming with Ctrl-Mouse
  •  Quake style console animation
  •  Strict monospace font rendering
  •  Settable opacity of text background color
  •  Full screen
  •  and more...

ConsoleZ 64-bit version

ConsoleZ 64-bit version
ConsoleZ - 64-bit software

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