Bypass Modern UI 64bit version

2012-Oct-22 | Tags: bootfreewarelogonportablewin8-64bitwindows8

Start64!In Windows 8, Microsoft has prohibited the user to log on straight to the Windows Desktop through a system licensing policy. Due to this policy, you always have to start with the Modern UI. If you’re a power-user, or you just want choice, you should be able to boot your system straight to the desktop. I’m not against the Modern UI, and I have no problem with the start screen, but I’m pretty sure I (and many others) don’t need it right from the beginning of a session.

It is also annoying to use some of the current solutions out there as all they do is skip this screen on every sign-in, but this results in showing the start screen for a split second, which can be a very jarring experience for the user. After a lot of work and research I finally think I found a native way and maybe the cleanest solution to bypass Modern UI during sign-in. Therefore I wrote an application to skip this behavior. Modern UI is not disabled. It all works, only the sign-in behavior is affected.

Bypass Modern UI 64bit version

Bypass Modern UI 64bit version

This Workaround/Tutorial does not

  • modify any files
  • require any other files
  • work with external Tools
  • create any task for every login

This method provides the advantages

  • you don’t see the Modern UI splashing on logon in any way
  • the Desktop interface is ready and fully loaded

So in conclusion it’s no patch, no binary editing of files, no replacement from any other prior Windows Systems!

Bypass Modern UI 64bit version
Bypass Modern UI - 64bit software

This application simply makes a few changes to the licensing system to cut the restriction that forces you to go to the start screen on login. Again this application does not patch or alter any system files and it does not damage the licensing system in any way.

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