Start64!DriverFinder™ makes the tedious, hours-long task of identifying your current drivers and checking if there are new ones as easy as can be. It's a driver update utility that lets you find new drivers and install them on your system in just minutes using a few mouse clicks!

DriverFinder™ detects your PC brand and model, the operating system you use, and all the hardware devices connected to your computer with laser-precision. By determining your system accurately, DriverFinder™ is able to provide device drivers that are 100% specific to your computer.

Supports both plugged and unplugged devices! - Ever connected an MP3 player, USB webcam, digital camera, or external hard disk to your computer? DriverFinder™ will find an updated driver for these devices even if they are not plugged or connected to your PC at the moment.

DriverFinder™ offers clients the biggest - and most updated! - driver database in the industry. Our automated crawlers and electronic driver file analyzers work 24/7/365, enabling us to generally detect device drivers within 24 hours of their release.

DriverFinder™ employs a unique combination of automated crawlers, electronic driver file analyzers, and manual checking by computer professionals BEFORE driver files are added to our database! This guarantees the reliability of our driver file suggestions.

DriverFinder™ downloads are TWICE as fast as other update tools. This is because device drivers are sourced from manufacturers AND relayed over our hi-speed data storage infrastructure, which is serviced by Amazon® web services.


DriverFinder 64bit version


Backup a specific driver - or all of them! - with ease before you update to new drivers. Restore them just as easily from their backup location.

Easily back up your drivers to an external medium too! - You can use DriverFinder's Driver Backup & Restore feature to make a copy of your drivers and place them on another medium such as a USB stick, CD or DVD drive, and others.

For instance, after updating all your drivers, create a full driver backup, this time pointing the backup location to your USB stick or CD drive. Now use the new drivers to update another PC in your home!


DriverFinder 64bit version
DriverFinder - 64bit software

  • Current version: 3.8.0
  • Release date: 2019-09-19