Jetico Personal Firewall - 64bit support

2015-Feb-25 | Tags: firewallwin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - Jetico Personal Firewall protects your computer from remote as well as outbound (trojan) attacks. It constructs filtering barriers between your computer and other networks. Jetico Personal Firewall uses unique triple-level filters and inspects every network related event in the system.

Firewall filters are controlled by rule sets. In order to achieve the ultimate level of security, filters must be properly configured. So firewall configuration issues should be considered as a vital part of your security system. Jetico Personal Firewall's configuration approach is good both for beginners and advanced users.

  • Easy for beginners. Jetico Personal Firewall works in self-learning mode by default. It displays a popup message when an unknown event happens. You should simply answer the question. So in most cases users won't have to explore firewall configuration internals.
  • Comprehensive for advanced users. Jetico Personal Firewall provides full access to its configuration. Advanced users can analyze, modify or create their own configurations.

Jetico Personal Firewall - under x64

Jetico Personal Firewall combines a set of unique features. The main advantages are outstanding security and simplicity. The following key principles constitute the solid basis for Jetico Personal Firewall.

  • The highest protection level based on multi-level filtering. Jetico Personal Firewall establishes filters at multiple layers in the operating system. This allows our software to withstand all known attacks.
  • Easy to use. Jetico Personal Firewall has a powerful yet simple user interface. It was arranged carefully, so that all major functions become available in one touch.
  • Fine tuned configuration. The firewall package contains several pre-built configurations to satisfy everyone's needs.
  • Live configuration. Jetico Personal Firewall Configuration explorer displays effective configuration as well as rule activity indicators.
  • Open architecture. The entire firewall configuration is available for user inspection and modification. Firewall filtering functions are implemented by modules. Jetico Personal Firewall contains no hidden or compiled-in features.
  • Low resources consumption. Jetico Personal Firewall is designed to be high-performance and small footprint software.

Jetico Personal Firewall - under x64

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2008 Server
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows 2000
  • including 32-bit versions and versions for 64-bit AMD64 platform

Jetico Personal Firewall - under x64

Jetico Personal Firewall - under x64