Start64!CryptoExpert protects your files and folders with a password, securely encrypting data with either the industry-standard AES-256 algorithm or your choice of encryption method. Implementing numerous innovations along with fast on-the-fly operation, CryptoExpert provides higher security, better reliability and easier usability than the transparent NTFS encryption system implemented in the Windows built-in Encrypted File System.

CryptoExpert under x64

Drive Encryption Features

  • Your choice of one of the highly acclaimed encryption algorithms, BLOWFISH, CAST, or 3DES, or the industry-standard AES-256 for ultimate data security
  • Transparent access to files and folders. Read and write encrypted files on the fly – no need to wait while your data is encrypted or decrypted.
  • Disk Firewall allows restricting access to encrypted volumes to white-list applications only.
  • Two modes of operation: Password and Decryption Key. In Password mode, simply typing a text password is enough to unlock protected data. In Decryption Key mode, a memory stick, USB flash drive or other removable media unlocks your files and folders automatically once inserted.
  • Use USB or removable drive, memory card or even an iPod to keep your encryption keys.
  • Assign any available drive letters to encrypted volumes.
  • Create unlimited number of encrypted volumes.
  • Encrypted containers up to 750 GB are supported.
  • No one can access protected data without a password.
  • Protected volumes appear as hard disks to all Windows applications.
  • Mount encrypted containers located on remote computers over LAN.
  • Share encrypted hard drives between network users.
  • Industry-standard encryption algorithms. Bullet-proof implementation. No backdoors or security weaknesses of any type. Even you won’t be able to access your data after forgetting a password!
  • Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit editions of Windows Vista and Windows XP SP2. Supports Windows 2000.

CryptoExpert under x64

CryptoExpert under x64

CryptoExpert under x64