Start64!Kaspersky PURE provides comprehensive computer protection. Comprehensive protection means computer protection, data protection and user protection, as well as remote management of Kaspersky PURE on all network computers. Different functions and protection components are available as part of Kaspersky PURE to deliver comprehensive protection.

File Anti-Virus -  File Anti-Virus prevents infection of the computer's file system. The component starts upon startup of the operating system, continuously remains in the computer's RAM, and scans all files being opened, saved, or launched on your computer and all connected drives. Kaspersky PURE intercepts each attempt to access a file and scans the file for known viruses. The file can only be processed further if the file is not infected or is successfully treated by the application. If a file cannot be disinfected for any reason, it will be deleted. A copy of the file will be saved in Backup, or moved to Quarantine.

Kaspersky PURE under 64bit

Mail Anti-Virus -  Mail Anti-Virus scans incoming and outgoing email messages on your computer. The email is available to the addressee only if it does not contain dangerous objects.

Web Anti-Virus -  Web Anti-Virus intercepts and blocks the execution of scripts on websites if they pose a threat. Web Anti-Virus also monitors all web traffic and blocks access to dangerous websites.

IM Anti-Virus -  IM Anti-Virus ensures the safe use of Internet pagers. The component protects information that comes to your computer via IM protocols. IM Anti-Virus ensures safe operation of various applications for instant messaging.

Proactive Defense -  Proactive Defense allows to detect a new malicious program before it performs its malicious activity. The component's operation is based on monitoring and analyzing the behavior of all applications installed on your computer. Depending on the actions being performed by applications, Kaspersky PURE decides whether an application is potentially dangerous or not. So your computer is protected not only from known viruses, but from new ones as well that still have not been discovered.

Application Control -  Application Control logs the actions performed by applications in the system, and manages the applications' activities, based on which group the component assigns them to. A set of rules is defined for each group of applications. These rules manage the applications' access to various operating system resources.

Firewall -  Firewall ensures security for your work in local networks and on the Internet. The component filters all network activities using rules of two types: rules for applications and packet rules.

Network Monitor -  Network Monitor is designed for monitoring network activity in real time.

Network Attack Blocker -  Network Attack Blocker loads at operating system startup and tracks incoming network traffic for activities characteristic of network attacks. On detecting an attack attempt, Kaspersky PURE blocks any network activity originating from the attacking computer that targets your computer.

Kaspersky PURE under 64bit
Finds eicar in the system32 folder

Anti-Spam -  Anti-Spam integrates into the mail client installed on your computer and scans all incoming email messages for spam. All messages containing spam are marked with a special header. You can configure Anti-Spam to handle spam messages in a particular way (for example, delete them automatically or move them to a special folder).

Anti-Phishing -  Anti-Phishing checks web addresses against lists of malicious and phishing websites. This component is built into Web Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, and IM Anti-Virus.

Anti-Banner -  Anti-Banner blocks ad banners on websites and in application interfaces.

The following limitations apply for all x64 operating systems:

  • Password Manager is not available for 64-bit applications on x64 operating systems.
  • Safe Desktop is not available on x64 operating systems.
  • Safe Browser and Safe Run Mode are not available on Microsoft Windows XP x64.
  • Safe Browser and Safe Run Mode run with limited functionality on Microsoft Windows Vista x64 and Microsoft Windows 7 x64 (running applications cannot create COM-objects).