Outpost Security Suite FREE 64bit version

2011-Feb-09 | Tags: agnitumantivirusfirewallfreeware

Start64!Today's Internet requires a whole new approach to security. Almost everything is interconnected and taking place in real time. And that includes threats. To be effective, security software must be constantly alert for new forms of deviousness.

New types of threats require new forms of protection. Mass-distribution viruses and worms are giving way to profit-driven attacks designed to steal identities, money, and other valuable electronic commodities through phishing and social engineering.


 Outpost Security Suite FREE 64bit version


To fully protect against these new risks, an effective security solution must deploy a multi-layered approach, providing proactive, behavior-based blocking as well as the more traditional database-driven signature detections. It must also be easy to use, because if it's not, it won't be used.

Agnitum is happy to introduce its powerful security product― Outpost Security Suite Free. Being a successor of the acclaimed Outpost Firewall Pro, Outpost Security Suite Free combines the best of both approaches in a single integrated product that delivers customized protection and total reliability. Outpost Security Suite Free protects your electronic jewels 24 hours a day, seven days a week―no matter what you're doing.


Outpost Security Suite FREE 64bit version


Key Benefits

  • The firewall controls your computer's connections with other PCs by blocking hackers and preventing local and remote unauthorized network access. The firewall controls application inbound and outbound Internet access, as well as stops malware from communicating to or from your PC.
  • Anti-Leak monitors program behaviors and interactions in order to proactively defend against unauthorized activity. It also blocks Trojans, spyware, and all kinds of sophisticated hacking techniques that try to compromise your system's security or steal your data.
  • Outpost Security Suite Free uses specialized techniques to ensure that its own protection cannot be disabled by specific types of malware that were designed to do just that.
  • The suite's lightweight yet effective malware scanner detects and quarantines or directly removes viruses, spyware and other malicious software automatically. The resident on-access monitor is constantly on guard against malware that's lying idle or being activated, yet has little or no impact on system performance.
  • The anti-spam engine keeps your inbox free of junk email. You can train it to recognize and use your personal definition of spam, so it becomes more efficient and an even greater time saver the longer it's used.
  • Powerful, easy to use protection offers extensive assistance for beginners in making the best use of the product, while advanced users will welcome the wealth of control options and customizable settings they can use to customize their own configurations.
  • System & hardware requirements: 32- and 64-bit Windows 7, Vista, XP, 450 MHz CPU (x86-/x64-/multi-core), 256 MB RAM, 200 MB free disk space.


 Outpost Security Suite FREE 64bit version
Outpost Security Suite FREE - 64bit software