Softex OmniPass 64bit version

2013-Mar-12 | Tags: encryptionpasswordwin8-64bit

Start64!New version! - Softex OmniPass provides password management capabilities to Microsoft Windows operating systems. OmniPass enables you to use a “master password” for all Windows, application and on-line passwords. A “master password” is an OmniPass authentication method which simplifies the procedures used to access password protected resources. The “master password” will be used to enter any password protected site or program once you have registered those resources with OmniPass.

OmniPass Client Edition 64bit version

OmniPass extends the Windows interactive logon model by requiring users to authenticate themselves before granting access to the Windows desktop.  OmniPass enables strong authentication by allowing users to authenticate with single or multiple authentication methods.  Fingerprint recognition devices or SmartCard devices are some of the hardware security devices that can be used by OmniPass.  Integrating these devices with OmniPass results in a multi-tiered authentication system, which restricts access to your desktop, applications, websites, and other password protected resources.  OmniPass can be upgraded with “plug-in” components to support new authentication and storage methods/hardware.

OmniPass Client Edition 64bit version

Furthermore, OmniPass enables file encryption on your Windows-based system.  The data in these encrypted files cannot be viewed by other users.  OmniPass enables you to share your OmniPass encrypted files with other OmniPass users while restricting access from others.

OmniPass presents a convenient graphical user interface, through which you can securely manage passwords, users, and multiple identities for each user.

OmniPass Client Edition 64bit version
Softex OmniPass - 64bit software