Start64!adTempus is a batch process scheduling and automation tool for Windows platforms. By "batch process" we mean a program (or collection of programs, scripts, etc.) that are meant, for the most part, to be run in an "offline" or unattended fashion, such as a process that reads data feeds and updates your data warehouse each day.

In adTempus, such a process is represented by an object called a job, which stores all the information adTempus needs to run the process. 

By "scheduling and automation" we mean that adTempus executes these jobs at specific times or in response to other external events, and manages dependencies within and between jobs.

The adTempus Server (or "engine") is the part of adTempus that is responsible for executing jobs, by running programs and scripts, downloading files, sending e-mail notification messages, etc.

The adTempus Console is the primary user interface and management tool for adTempus. Using the Console you manage adTempus servers and the jobs defined on those servers. The Console can run on a different computer than the Server, allowing remote administration of adTempus Servers.


adTempus 64bit version


 adTempus 64bit version
adTempus - 64bit software