SumatraPDF 64bit version

2015-Oct-25 | Tags: freewarepdfportablewin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!Sumatra PDF is a slim, free, open-source PDF reader for Windows. Portable out of the box. Sumatra has a minimalistic design. Simplicity has a higher priority than a lot of features. It's small and starts up very fast. It's designed for portable use: only one file so you can run it from external USB drive. Doesn't write to registry.

I am compiling SumatraPDF from the original sources, to make freely available my optimized compiles. I am not modifying original code, but applying a different build chain to gather a better executable, in terms of native x64 support as well as regular x86; faster execution speed; smaller executable size; and lower memory footprint. Of course, the rest of features, should be exactly the same as in official SumatraPDF. To prevent any possible confusion, my releases are groupped under the SumatraPDFOpt name, as an acronym of "SumatraPDF x86/x64 Optimized Builds".

SumatraPDF 64bit version


  • Added x64 compile for native x64 systems.
  • Compiled with /fp:fast to increase floating-point operations performance.
  • Compiled with /Gy enabling function linking that will result on an smaller final EXE file.
  • Compiled with Visual C++ 2010 instead of Visual C++ 2008 to achieve better quality code (32 bit executable is 4,362 Kb. instead of 4,364 Kb. in the official compile).
  • Executable compressed with MPRESS 2.17 with s compression, instead of UPX 3.07 to reduce executable size (32 bit executable is once compressed 1,650 Kb. instead of 2,105 Kb. in the official compile).
  • Based on SumatraPDF 1.2 r2198 (2010-10-05) code base.

SumatraPDF 64bit version
SumatraPDF - 64bit software