Start64!PDF-XChange is now - with the release of Version 4 arguably the most feature rich Printer driver for the creation of Adobe compatible PDF format files available today. PDF-XChange has for some time offered the best compressed and most reliable conversion tool from other Windows Software - as attested to by numerous Magazine reviews around the world - but now it is simply the most complete!

PDF-XChange Version 4 - under x64
  • PDF/A - 1b (RGB) is now supported! PDF documents that are compliant with the PDF/A - 1b specification  for RGB colorspace may be generated by selecting that option on the General tab, PDF Specification drop box. Please see the PDF/A website for additional information.
  • Tool Tips Supported - hover your mouse over any function or property for a few seconds and a Tool Tip will appear explaining in brief what the purpose of that function or property is wherever possible.
  • Paper Properties: Wide range of standard Paper Sizes Supported, Set Resolution from 50 to 2400 DPI (Windows OS dependant), Scaling, allows you reduce or enlarge output to better fit the desired page size.
  • Custom Paper Sizes - Create and save your own custom paper sizes for future use.
  • Advanced or Simple Interface mode - depending on users preference.
  • Advanced mode gives you complete control over file creation - Simple Mode allows you to set a couple of simple options & if you wish PDF-XChange will generate the best file in terms of compression etc on your behalf.
  • Broad range of compression and optimization settings and standards available - for both images and Text
  • Convert colored Images to Gray scale or Mono - to enhance compression and reduce file size
  • Reduce Image DPI (Dots Per Inch) to reduce file size - particularly useful for distributing files across the internet - though it should be noted that sometimes (particularly for image rich content) increasing the DPI will actually reduce the file size!
  • Fonts - Choose to embed or not the fonts used, embedding fonts increases file size, but ensures viewing consistency. You can also 'force' the embedding of protected fonts - but you must ensure you are licensed to do so.
  • Now fully supports Chinese, Japanese and Korean fonts and characters - improved since Version 2.5
  • Watermarks - You can add watermarks, both text and graphic's based to your pages, any number off and also set the pages within you file on which to print those watermarks.
  • Overlay allows you to utilise a PDF page as a watermark to overlay (in the background or foreground)  this is useful when you wish to use standard company stationery or forms as background to your newly generated documents.
  • Security - choose whether to allow users to view, print, extract or add content to your files and password protect access to the functions allowed. Also allows you to use a Digital Signature on your PDF documents and to use the new Acrobat Reader 7 Page Markup/Commenting feature.
  • Links - supports the use of literal URL and email links within your PDF files - so long as the original source (pre-conversion) text was in the form of http://... or email@...
  • Bookmarks - new in Version 4 is the ability to automatically generate bookmarks to allow you to 'chapterize' your files - supports any number of levels and when converting output from within any Windows software - not simply MS Word.
  • Set Save options - where to save files, how to name files, use Macro's for file naming or whether to use our new 'PDF-Saver' job management utility to save jobs to a temporary file and then batch convert them subsequently allowing you to process files more quickly and then alter the sequence and creation flow at your convenience.
  • Email- You can now send out your file after creation via your default MAPI software or choose to setup a simple SMTP server (more than 1 allowed) and send you email out using this method with the PDF generated file attached with a message. PDF-XChange also includes a means to enclose your PDF in an industry standard ZIP file to attached to the email.
  • Headers and Footers. Generated PDF pages may have standardized page headers and footers applied at generate time.
  • Document Info. Support for both basic advanced documentation information is supplied. The ability to add XMP
  • Profiles - To access this set of options you need to select the down arrow below the 'Emails' option on the opening PDF-XChange Preference settings page, see figure's 1 and 2  below. Used to set up 'Job' or 'User' profiles - remembering all the settings and features in use for that job or user - for future use.
  • Optimization : To access this set of options you need to select the down arrow below the 'Emails' option on the opening PDF-XChange Preference settings page, see figure's 1 and 2  below.
  • This page allows you to create extended file optimization, compatibility and known work around's to known problems when using the PDF format and the Acrobat viewer/reader for viewing and printing PDF files.


PDF-XChange Version 4 - under x64
Windows 32 and 64 Bit Versions supported


32 Bit Support

  • All Versions of PDF-XChange (Lite, Standard and Pro) support Windows 2000, XP, Vista etc.
  • Further - Windows Terminal Server and Citrix Metaframe are also supported.

64 Bit Support

  • Versions of PDF-XChange.x and later also support Windows 64 Bit editions
  • At this time we do not offer versions for Unix or Linux etc.
  • PDF-XChange cannot at this time be installed as a shared printer device without the print drivers being installed on each client PC - a license is required for each and every PC or server for which PDF-XChange is installed.


PDF-XChange Version 4 - under x64
PDF-XChange - 64bit software