Start64!LAN Bridger is an easy-to-use VPN tool. It lets you be a part of the same local computer network at your job, on the road, or half way around the world. Share files. Administer machines. Access music. Or kick back and play a game. If you can do it locally, LAN Bridger lets you do it remotely. It’s as easy as click, click, you're connected.

  • Gaming. LAN Bridger is great for gaming. Broadcast traffic simply works, even on Vista and Windows 7. Best of all, because LAN Bridger uses normal LAN IP addresses like 192.168.x.x and 10.x.x.x, most games work without any extra configuration. 
  • File sharing. Already share files using Windows? LAN Bridger makes those same shares available to anyone on your LAN Bridger network. It doesn't matter if they're down the street or across the country. 
  • Media streaming. Wish you could access your media collection from anywhere? Run an application like Boxee across your LAN Bridger network and you can. Boxee will work just like it does when you’re home. 
  • Just about anything. Since LAN Bridger is completely transparent, you really can use it to do anything you normally do on a LAN. Run an FTP server. Host a SOCKS proxy. Share music using iTunes. It all just works.

 LAN Bridger 64bit version

There's no kitchen sink. We designed LAN Bridger to do its job, not everyone else's. You won't find any useless features or unnecessary resource consumption—just a sleek, slim app.

We take security seriously. LAN Bridger has been developed to use industry-standard algorithms to secure the data it sends. If you'd like to find out more about how LAN Bridger is secured, drop us a line on the forums and we'll walk you through it.

LAN Bridger 64bit version
LAN Bridger Connection

LAN Bridger 64bit version
LAN Bridger - 64bit software