Multiplicity - 64bit support

2014-Apr-01 | Tags: admindisplaykeyboardmousenetworkstardock

Start64!New version! - If you've ever used a multiple monitor equipped PC, then you can imagine how Multiplicity works. Each monitor is connected to its own PC. When the user moves the mouse over to a given monitor, the user is then controlling that PC.

It's ideal for power users, engineers, graphics designers, gamers, or anyone else who has ever seen the benefit of multiple monitors but wants the full power of multiple computers working seamlessly together. Multiplicity Pro even lets you copy and paste folders/files between machines.

Please note: Multiplicity is not a "remote desktop" application. Each system continues to need its own monitor to display that PC. Multiplicity is used to seamlessly move between multiple machines and control them from one primary PC.

Multiplicity under 64bit

If you are running Windows XP’s included firewall, check the option to Add Windows XP firewall rules to automatically add the Multiplicity service and TCP port 30564 to the allowed list. If you are using a 3rd party firewall, you must allow MultiSrv32.exe, MultiSrv64.exe (on x64 machines), and Multipl.exe access to the network, as well as opening TCP port 30564.

Multiplicity under 64bit

Multiplicity has hundreds of different features for enabling users to customize the look and feel of Windows. For this guide, we'll stick to the primary features:

  • Clip and Paste - Share your clipboard contents among your master and slave computers, including images! 
  • File and Directory Copying - Easily move files, or entire directories between computers! (Pro Version) 
  • Hotkey Support - Multiplicity supports fast switching to the connected computers via configurable hotkeys and mouse buttons! 
  • Fade/Darken Indicator - Multiplicity can fade or darken the non-focus computers, to further enhance navigation speed. 
  • Onscreen Display - Multiplicity can be configured to display an onscreen indicator of your current location. Locking - Support for locking your mouse to a specific desktop (configurable). 
  • Security - Full password protection, and domain control internally. 
  • Threshold Option - Full support for threshold control of mouse movement between machines. 
  • Alternative Control Methods - Multiplicity supports various control methods, such as Jog Dials, and Spatial Controllers!

Multiplicity under 64bit