Start64!Kavoom! KM is like a hardware keyboard-mouse switch (a KVM switch with no video connected), allowing you to operate two or more computers using a single keyboard and mouse. You transfer control from one computer to another by moving the mouse pointer off the edge of the screen towards the other monitor. Or you can use hot keys to switch back and forth.

Key presses and mouse movements are sent over your existing network connection to the other computer. No extra hardware is required.


KaVoom! Software KM Switch 64bit version


  • Hot Keys - You can now use hot keys (such as Ctrl-F1) to switch from one computer to another. Game players often need this feature because they can then disable mouse-transitions, to prevent the pointer from accidently moving off the edge of one screen onto another. Using hot keys might be a more intuitive way to work if your monitors are not directly beside each other.
  • Vista - KaVoom! KM now works on Windows Vista, the latest version of Microsoft's operating system.
  • 64-bit - On Windows x64 Edition, KaVoom! KM now runs as a true 64-bit program.
  • Remote Installation - You can now install or upgrade KaVoom! KM on all your computers without leaving the primary computer. This is very useful if you've disconnected the keyboard and mouse from your other computers. (Of course, you need an administrator password to do so.)
  • Lock Workstations - You can now press Windows-L to simultaneously lock all the computers in the group. This is an extension of the standard Windows-L behaviour that comes with XP and Vista.


KaVoom! Software KM Switch 64bit version
KaVoom! Software KM Switch