Start64!EmbBatPower is a professional tool for laptop battery monitoring. It displays the total capacity and current capacity of the battery and also delivers you accurate information about total time of your battery life and time remaining until battery is fully discharged. In the same time giving information about life time of the battery in percent.

All this information is used to deliver you a graphic visualization of the charge/discharge curve of your battery. All this information can be saved and used later for comparison and enabling you to monitor the stability of your battery in time.

EmbBatPower 64bit version 


  • Real time graphical information of charge/discharge rates
  • Displays accurately estimated battery life time (Hour/min/sec)
  • Multiple sample period for graphical monitor
  • Support for all windows versions
  • Status information for each battery installed
  • Possibility to save the statistic for future comparison/analyze
  • Help file
  • Multiple languages
  • Free update support

 EmbBatPower 64bit version
EmbBatPower - 64bit software