USBTrace 64bit version

2013-Apr-11 | Tags: sysinfousb

Start64!USBTrace is an easy to use and powerful software analyzer for the USB bus and the devices connected to it. USBTrace is very simple to use and at the same time, gives complete control over analyzing the USB bus activity.

USBTrace is non intrusive since it does not use any filter drivers for capturing the USB bus activity. For the same reason, USBTrace is capable of logging all USB requests exchanged between the host and the device during device enumeration. USBTrace can capture USB  transactions at host controllers, hubs and devices.

USBTrace 64bit version

  • Ease of use
    With USBTrace you can monitor your devices with ease. Just select the device to be monitored and click 'capture'.
  • Ease of viewing captured data
    USBTrace decodes each and every captured USB request, and displays it in an easily readable form. Data buffer, if any, associated with the request is also displayed.
  • Monitors USB requests at all levels
    With USBTrace you can monitor USB requests at USB Host Controllers, USB Hubs or USB devices.
  • USBTrace does not use any filter drivers
    Unlike other software analyzers, USBTrace does not use any filter driver to capture the USB requests. So USBTrace will not disturb the PnP system due to its presence.
  • Captures all USB requests during device enumeration
    USBTrace is capable of capturing all USB requests exchanged between the host controller/hub and the device during device enumeration. See USB Enumeration Explained to know how USBTrace is different from other USB monitor software.
  • Displays valuable information for WDM device driver developers
    The IRP, URB and IO_STACK_LOCATION structures associated with each captured request is decoded and displayed by USBTrace. Also, in addition to capturing URBs, USBTrace captures Internal USB IOCTLs, User mode USB IOCTLs, PnP and Power IRPs.
    USBTrace also allows WDM driver developers to capture USB requests made/received by any device object in the USB device stack.
  • USBTrace can be setup to automatically capture hot plugged devices
    With this option enabled, USBTrace will capture USB requests from all newly plugged devices. This option can be used to monitor USB requests during device enumeration.
  • Search and Filter captured requests
    Advanced search feature allows you to search the capture log for request types and/or buffer contents of requests. The filtering feature allows you to exclude requests which you are not interested in while capturing.
  • View & export detailed device information
    View USB Device, Hub, Configuration, Interface, Endpoint descriptors & Windows specific USB enumeration information. Device information can be exported as an HTML or text file.
  • Supports device class decoding
    USBTrace can decode class specific usb requests and display detailed information regarding them. Read more about class decoding
  • Fully compatible with ACPI features
    You can shutdown, hibernate or standby your system while running USBTrace.
  • Saving captured data
    The captured information can be saved for storage and later viewing.
  • Export log as HTML, XML or Text
    The new Export Utility allows you to export the logged USB transactions as an HTML, XML, text or CSV file, in addition to the native USBTrace binary file format.
  • Background capturing for improved performance
    Background capturing facilitates high performance capturing. The GUI is not updated while capturing. The logged transactions are displayed only when capture operation is stopped.
  • Continuous capturing for non stop analysis.
    For a normal capture session, USBTrace will stop capture operation when the internal log data buffer is full. With continuous capturing, this will not happen. When the buffer is full, instead of stopping capture, USBTrace will wrap around the buffer and start writing data again from the beginning. Continuous capturing simulates an infinite buffer.
  • Trigger
    Trigger facility allows you to define a condition and capture operation will stop automatically when that condition is satisfied.
  • Performance Statistics
    Performance Statistics feature allows you to extract a lot of valuable performance related information from the captured data. The values of various performance counters and Read/Write data transfer rate graph are displayed.

USBTrace 64bit version
USBTrace - 64bit software