Start64!GrandOrgue allows the user to load and play virtual pipe organs. Using sample sets, GrandOrgue is able to combine the individual pipe sounds and organ behaviors to simulate a variety of pipe organs.

GrandOrgue is capable of loading and faithfully reproducing a variety of sample sets. The sample set format is described later in this manual. The format is backward compatible to HauptwerkĂ– version 1 samplesets. As such, you won't be able to do anything at all with GrandOrgue without at least one sample set. Sample sets generally come packaged or with installers. By default, the software loads organs from "My Organs" in your documents folder, but you may store sample sets wherever is convenient and space permits. Please look at for more information.

GrandOrgue 64-bit version


  • High definition output with supporting hardware
  • High precision internal processing for optimal sound quality
  • Integrated software reverberation
  • Polyphony management to avoid CPU overload
  • Low latency output with proper hardware support
  • Quick and easy MIDI setup, including "Listen for Event" and "Complex MIDI Event detection"
  • Lossless compression reduces RAM requirements by up to 40%
  • Release sample enhancements for realistic sound
  • All features and enhancements configurable
  • High speed loading and caching of sample sets
  • Save settings per sample set or export to settings files
  • Shipped with a small demo organ which is automatically loaded on the very first run of GrandOrgue after installation

GrandOrgue 64-bit version
GrandOrgue - 64-bit software