Metronome EXP 64-bit version

2014-Jan-22 | Tags: freewaremusicportablewin8-64bit

Start64!Metronome EXP is the free introduction to ExpMuse's metronome line. It will help make practicing more constructive as well as providing an objective way to record progress on difficult musical passages. While simple to use it still affords power users the opportunity to set things up exactly as they like.


Up to 12 different voices are available to create beat and accent patterns, from simple time signatures to complex drum grooves via the built in step sequencer. The latter also makes it a great tool to simply jam with. For those that like to step outside the world of 4/4 Metronome EXP fully supports a vast range of time signatures.

Metronome EXP 64-bit version

Metronome EXP 64-bit version
Metronome EXP - 64-bit software

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