Start64!MAnalyzer is an advanced spectral analyzer and sonogram containing unique features such as smoothing, normalization, super-resolution, prefiltering and deharmonization. Finally it also provides a peak meter and ITU-R BS.1770-1 and EBU 3341 compliant loudness meter.

  • Spectral analyzer and sonogram measuring average, infinite average, temporary maximum and infinite maximum.
  • Smoothing spreads energy between ranges of frequencies for perfect optical recognition.
  • Prefiltering providing for example equal loudness contours, which therefore implements a simplified human hearing.
  • Super-resolution improves resolution in low frequencies, but keeps the speed of higher frequencies. Standard FFT analyzers have poor resolution in low frequencies due to logarithmical scale of human auditory system. Super-resolution fixes this problem and provides high resolution in both high and low frequencies.
  • Deharmonization reduces harmonics leaving only fundamentals, which is great for identifying relevant frequencies.
  • Magnitude normalization for better optical comparison.
  • Freeze mode.
  • Copy/paste to clipboard to compare in another analyzer window.
  • FFT sizes from 1024 to 16384.
  • Overlapping and adjustable windows for maximal precision.
  • Global preset management - using a title button you can save your settings, which are shared on the computer, so you can easily access them in another songs.


64-bit Windows note - the plugin version must be compatible with your host. On 64-bit operating system you can have 32-bit and 64-bit hosts. If your host is 64-bit, you need 64-bit version of our plugins. If your host is 32-bit, you have to use 32-bit version of our plugins.