Start64!Precise Calculator has arbitrary precision and can calculate with complex numbers, fractions, vectors and matrices. Has more than 150 mathematical functions and statistical functions and is programmable (if, goto, print, return, for).

Why to use 64-bit version:

  • Fractions can have larger numerator and denominator. For example, expression (123456 * 12345678 / 3087105371) returns 493.714285714 in Precise Calculator 32-bit, but it returns 3456 / 7 in Precise Calculator 64-bit.
  • Precise Calculator 32-bit cannot display numbers greater than 4E+20686623764, but Precise Calculator 64-bit maximum is 1E+9223372036854774730
  • 64-bit version is much faster if you need precision greater than 1000 digits


Precise Calculator 64bit version



  • arbitrary precision (from 1 to 9999999)
  • complex numbers
  • fractions
  • lists, vectors, matrices
  • history (shortcuts ctrl+up, ctrl+down)
  • calculator can write all results to a log file
  • commands if, goto, print, return
  • unlimited number of variables
  • frequently used formulas can be saved as macros
  • calculator can be translated to other languages


Precise Calculator 64bit version
Precise Calculator - 64bit software