Start64!LView Pro is a multi-featured image processor software suited to a wide variety of applications, ranging from simple image viewing to advanced image editing. The 32-bit version of LView, requires Windows 98SE or newer including Windows XP and Windows Vista. Also available is a 64-bit version of LView for Windows XP Professional x64 and Windows 2003 Server x64.

LView Pro offers an impressively large array of features. This page highlights the main applications of the software that you may want to explore.

LView Pro 2006 64bit version

For a comprehensive list of features, please visit List of Features

Detailed information about all of LView Pro's functionality is included in the comprehensive HTML Help file that is installed together with LView Pro. The help file may be accessed at any time by pressing the F1 key, by clicking on one of the Help buttons present in most dialog boxes, or via the Help menu.

LView Pro 2006 64bit version

  • 64-bit version (in addition to 32-bit version) for Windows XP Professional x64 and Windows Server 2003 x64
  • Exchangeable Image File Format (EXIF) support: read/write information stored in JPEG files by most digital cameras and other imaging devices
  • Portable Network Graphics (PNG) image file support, with transparency mask
  • New image Resample filters, including automatic mode that chooses the filter based on image characteristics
  • Multi page poster printing, automatically prints large posters by dividing the image into multiple pages
  • Option of random image display order in ScreenSaver,
    Resolution of miscellaneous minor issues reported by users.

LView Pro 2006 64bit version
LView Pro - 64bit software