Start64!screendump is a simple program I made when I figured most other screenshot-taking programs I've tried are either overbloated with features I don't want/need or just don't cut it. So I basically made this as simple-but-functional as I could possibly want it to be.

screendump 64bit version 

Just hit the Print Screen Key (or Alt+Print Screen for active window) and the screenshot is automatically saved to the hard disk. If you hit it fast enough you might get 3-12 screenshots each second, not bad.

Main Features
  • Save screenshots to disk as soon as you hit the (Alt) PrintScreen key. No need to paste on an image editor and then save!
  • Option to either let the program Automatically generate filenames or assign your own.
  • Support for taking screenshots of videos/movies/overlays/webcam sessions, etc.
  • Can take 3-12 screenshots per second if hit repeatedly (your finger speed is the limit).
  • Supports taking automatic screenshots in specified intervals. For example, you can have it take screenshots automatically every second, or every half second, etc. Intervals can be set from 250ms to 1 minute.
  • Allows saving to BMP, PNG, or JPG format (JPG quality can be adjusted).
  • Supports saving settings to the user's profile so multiple users can use the program while each having its own settings.
  • Support for multiple displays*.
  • Tested to run correctly on Windows 2000, XP, 2003 Server, Vista, 2008 Server. It seems that a recent change in Visual Studio makes it impossible to target versions before Windows 2000. If I get enough requests I might consider making a special build for Windows 9x users.
  • This program is free, open source software. It has no Malware, Trojans, Ad-Ware, etc., and you can freely get the source and verify this for yourself.

 screendump 64bit version

screendump now comes in 64-bit flavor

Ever since I started using Windows 7 64-bit, I noticed the amount of programs which still don't have a native 64-bit version. I'm sure there are various technical reasons for it, but in screendump's case it was just a recompile away.

I just released version for those people who are interested in a native 64-bit version of screendump. It should work in Windows XP 64, Vista 64, Server 2003 64, Server 2008 64, and also Windows 7 64. The installer also works for 32-bit version of Windows.

screendump 64bit version
screendump - 64bit software