Start64!Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended software delivers all of the unrivaled image-editing power of Photoshop CS4 plus much more, including breakthrough 3D painting and editing, rich motion graphics editing, and enhanced image analysis. Photoshop CS4 Extended is ideal for:

  • Cross-media creative professionals who create and edit imagery to be used across a variety of media
  • Educators who prepare students for careers in photography, architecture, medicine, and other fields
  • Video professionals who design and edit digital images for storyboarding, previsualization, frame editing, matte painting, animating 3D objects, compositing, and title design
  • Manufacturing and design engineers who develop product concepts, create specifications, and design 2D and 3D prototypes by visualizing their ideas and collaborating with designers, fabricators, and regulators
  • Architects, engineers, and construction professionals who create structural drawings and edit 3D textures to communicate complex and technical ideas to clients, regulators, and colleagues
  • Scientific, healthcare, and medical professionals who need to visualize their theories and present their findings, as well as analyze images and measure information without altering the original image data

 Photoshop CS4 Extended 64bit version

Photoshop CS4 Extended 64bit version

  • Photoshop CS4 Extended for Microsoft® Windows Vista® runs 64-bit native.

  • In early testing of 64-bit support in Photoshop Extended for Windows®, overall performance gains ranged from 8% to 12%. Those who work with extremely large files may realize noticeably greater gains in performance, in some cases as dramatic as ten times the previous speed. This is because 64-bit applications can address larger amounts of memory and thus result in less file swapping — one of the biggest factors that can affect data processing speed.

  • The Mac OS 64-bit version is planned for a future release as a result of a change to Apple's platform strategy, which now requires a migration from Apple's Carbon technology to its Cocoa technology in order for an application to run 64-bit native. Before 64-bit support can be added on Mac OS, significant parts of Photoshop Extended and its plug-ins must first be ported from Carbon to Cocoa. The Photoshop team began working on porting Photoshop Extended to Cocoa as soon as Apple announced 64-bit support in Carbon was no longer part of its plans.

  • Until June 2007, Apple planned to enable Carbon-based applications to run 64-bit native. Moving to Cocoa is a significant task, so the engineering focus has been on user-visible features rather than switching to Cocoa. Now that Apple has shifted its strategy to make Cocoa a requirement for 64-bit support, Adobe has adjusted plans accordingly.

  • Lightroom software was initially written using Cocoa technology, so no porting from Carbon is necessary.

  • Adobe is always working to enhance product performance, and 64-bit support is only one way to get there. Investments in a variety of foundational improvements —for example, greater use of graphics processors — will improve Photoshop Extended performance for all users. A number of workflow improvements will also help boost your day-to-day productivity.

Photoshop CS4 Extended 64bit version

Photoshop CS4 Extended 64bit version
Photoshop CS4 Extended - 64bit software