Rights Protected Folder Explorer

2012-Jun-24 | Tags: adminmicrosoftserver

Start64!Rights Protected Folder Explorer is a Windows based application that allows you to work with Rights Protected Folders. A Rights Protected Folder is similar to a file folder in that it contains files and folders. However, a Rights Protected Folder controls access to the files that it contains, no matter where the Rights Protected Folder is located.

By using Rights Protected Folder Explorer, you can securely store or send files to authorized users and control which users will be able to access those files while they are in the Rights Protected Folder. Rights Protected Folder Explorer works with Active Directory Rights Management Services (AD RMS) in your organization’s network to control access to Rights Protected Folders. When you create a new Rights Protected Folder, Rights Protected Folder Explorer allows you to select a policy to protect the contents of the Rights Protected Folder, or you can create a custom policy. The policies that you can select from are set by your network’s AD RMS administrators and are the same policies you can use in such applications as Microsoft Word or Microsoft Outlook to protect documents and messages. Rights Protected Folder Explorer supports both UI based support (for end-user interaction) and command line support for automated solutions.


  • setup_rpfe_x64.exe 13.3 MB
  • setup_rpfe_x86.exe 11.4 MB