xplorer² - 64-bit file manager

2019-Dec-17 | Tags: dualpanelwin10-64bitwin8-64bit

Start64!xplorer² is a desktop file manager combining the efficiency of the legendary norton commander and the ease of use of windows file explorer. It is tough as boots, rock solid stable, lightweight in size and system resource use, and fast.

xplorer2 64bit version

xplorer² is a file and information manager that adheres to the philosophy "efficiency through simplicity". Without reinventing the wheel, it integrates the best features of Windows' shell architecture in a small, resource efficient package that's instantly familiar to work with. But look a little closer and you'll discover a whole new world under the surface that offers power, precision and flexibility, and will boost your everyday productivity no end!


xplorer2 64bit version


If you are running 64 bit windows you'll need the special 64 bit build of xplorer². Although the normal 32 bit executable works ok on windows 64 bit, some of your 64 bit shell namespace extensions won't appear in the shell context menu. That's why you must download and install xplorer² 64 bit.


xplorer2 64bit version
xplorer² - 64bit software