Stardock DirectSkin - 64bit support

2013-May-03 | Tags: desktopthemeprogramingstardockwin8-64bit

Start64!DirectSkin allows software developers to make their applications skinnable using WindowBlinds technology. A typical application can be skinned within a few minutes of integrating the DirectSkin OCX into the project.

By using DirectSkin, you can be assured of maximum compatibility with other applications running on your customer's systems. DirectSkin uses the same underlying technology as WindowBlinds, used by over 16 million people world wide -- in other words, it has been battle tested in the toughest environment possible.

Stardock DirectSkin

Today’s program standards call for custom appearance. Customers also have a high desire for customization of their desktop. Both of these needs can be met with DirectSkin. With DirectSkin, the developer has the option of either setting a default skin without the customer being able to change the skin, or they can allow the customer to change the skin to their personal style.

Stardock DirectSkin

Why should you allow the customer to change the skin? There is a high demand for customization features in today’s programs. Users want to personalize your application.

There is also another draw to allowing customers to change the skin on the program: Website stickiness. It is extremely easy to build a "skin community" by asking skin authors* to create and upload skins to your site. Since your skin library will be ever evolving, your customers will continue to visit your site to check out new skins. While they are there, you can provide information on product releases and so forth. This "sticky" site is also desirable to advertisers, as your page views will increase due to skin traffic.

Note that all skins are the property of the skin author. Authorization must be obtained from them prior to including a skin with your software. Most skin authors will gladly give permission, but it is their property, and their decision to make.

Stardock DirectSkin

32-bit Windows 7/Vista/XP/2008/2008R2(except Terminal Server) are supported. Windows 7/Vista/2008/2008R2 x64 editions are also supported. DirectSkin may be used with any programming language that supports ActiveX (COM) controls, including the following:

  • C/C++ (e.g. MS Visual C++, Borland C++Builder)
  • C#
  • Visual Basic. NET
  • Visual Basic
  • Delphi

Please note: Not all skinning features are available on all platforms. For example, certain "owner-drawn" Visual Basic window controls cannot be skinned with DirectSkin, and Delphi controls can only be skinned if they have a recognized class name. If you have queries relating to this, please contact DirectSkin support.

Stardock DirectSkin