Start64!nuBASIC is an implementation of an interpreter of the BASIC programming language distributed under GPLv2 License. It has been designed mainly for educational purposes both for C++ developers that can deal with a non-trivial example of C++11 programming and for nuBASIC's users, that may get hooked on programming.

nuBASIC is suitable for simple games, educational or small business programs.


  • Free and Open Source (distributed under GPLv2 License)
  • Easy to use and simple enough for 8-year-old-child to understand
  • Fully-developed procedural programming language
  • Multiplatform. Runs on 32-bit and 64-bit Linux/Windows x86/amd64
  • Built-in help
  • Documented (English and Italian Guides)
  • Syntax Highlighting Editor and Debugger (IDE) for Windows
  • Examples include Tetris, Mine Hunter, Breakout, Calculator, TicTacToe
  • Tiny version is suitable for embedded systems

nuBASIC 64-bit version

nuBASIC 64-bit version
nuBASIC - 64-bit version