SynWrite Editor 64-bit version

2013-Aug-16 | Tags: editorfreewarepluginportableprogramingsdk

Start64!SynWrite is a free source code editor, HTML editor, and Notepad replacement for Windows systems. It tries to be a full-featured alternative not only to simple Notepad, but also to such rich applications as Notepad++.

Initially started as project for building an editor based on the powerful EControl Syntax Editor SDK, SynWrite now offers a wide set of features.

SynWrite Editor 64-bit version

Editor features

  • Syntax highlighting for lots of languages
  • Fully customizable highlightings
  • Code folding, determined text ranges may be collapsed.
  • Tree structure view for source code
  • Autocompletion
  • Source code templates
  • Clipboard history panel
  • Search, replace with regular expressions
  • Search, replace in multiple files
  • External tools (capture of console output, errors navigation)
  • Strings extraction feature
  • Zen Coding (HTML + CSS + XSL high speed coding engine)
  • Customizable hotkeys
  • "Sync-Edit" feature allows to edit identical identifiers (see image)
  • Sync-Edit feature
  • Portable mode
  • Plugin support for file manager "Total Commander"
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Bookmarks
  • Export to RTF/HTML file with syntax highlighting.
  • and more...

SynWrite Editor 64-bit version

List of limitations of SynWrite x64 Edition

known issues:

  • menu drawn incorrectly after Clipboard or Output panels show/hide
  • white background color of panels
  • WLX: keys Enter, Tab, Esc don't work in Find dialog
  • WLX: Win7: bold font of menu items

items don't fully work:

  • Open/Save dialogs: lexer list not sorted
  • cmd "Edit -- Change case -- Sentence case" doesn't work
  • "Go to" dialog doesn't have Column field
  • "Character table" popup may show in wrong encoding
  • "Lexer lib" dialog: list not sorted
  • Ctrl+Left/Right in editor - not like in Notepad++
  • external tools: HLP files don't work

options don't work:

  • "Interface -- Toolbar theme"
  • "Interface -- Icon theme"
  • "Editor 2 -- Copy column blocks with extra spaces"
  • "Editor 2 -- Show CR/LF at line ends"
  • "Auto-complete -- Show list even when no items are filtered"
  • "Editor -- Keep trailing blanks" affects nbsp's too

not localized:

  • dialog "Lexer library"
  • dialog "Lexer properties"
  • dialog "Lexer styles"
  • dialog "Go to"
  • dialog "Print preview"
  • dialog "Page setup"
  • save confirmation buttons
  • input boxes buttons

SynWrite Editor 64-bit version
SynWrite Editor - 64bit software