PowerShell Plus - 64bit support

2011-Sep-13 | Tags: commandlinedebuggingeditor

Start64!New version! - PowerShell Plus is the most advanced IDE for PowerShell available today. Designed to help administrators and developers quickly learn and master Windows PowerShell, it also dramatically increases the productivity of expert users. PowerShell Plus features a powerful interactive console, an advanced script editor and debugger and a comprehensive interactive learning center all integrated into a single product.

PowerShellPlus 64bit version

  • Interactive PowerShell Console
    The PowerShellPlus Console allows you to work interactively with PowerShell from a feature rich Windows UI. This integration makes working with PowerShell faster and easier to use than ever before.
  • Advanced Script Editor
    The advanced debugger and script editor lets you build and test complex PowerShell scripts, try one line PowerShell commands from an embedded console window, and sign your script with a security certificate … all from a single workspace.
  • Comprehensive Learning Center
    The Comprehensive Learning Center helps you experience PowerShell by example. Short tutorials guide you through basic concepts at your own pace. The Comprehensive Learning Center also includes dynamically created help topics from currently installed PowerShell CmdLets, Snap-Ins and WMI objects.

PowerShellPlus 64bit version

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