Start64!JNBridgePro is a Java/.NET interoperability tool that enables Java code to fully participate in the cross-language development capabilities of Microsoft .NET. Java code can be called from .NET code that is written in other languages, and Java classes can be extended by having classes that are written in other languages inherit from the Java classes. .NET code can also call Java code, and Java classes can be written that extend .NET classes.

JNBridgePro achieves cross-language interoperability as it retains Java’s cross-platform capability and conformance to Java standards. The Java classes called by .NET are in the form of Java bytecodes; Java source code need not be available. Similarly, the .NET classes called by Java are in the form of MSIL (Microsoft Intermediate Language); .NET source code need not be available.

JNBridgePro 64bit version

64-bit support

JNBridgePro supports 64-bit architectures and operating systems. We have provided separate installers for the x86 (32-bit) and x64 (64-bit) versions of JNBridgePro. These two installers can be installed side-by-side on the same 64-bit machine, if necessary.

Please note the following when using JNBridgePro on x64 systems:

  • When using shared-memory communications on an x64 system, you must use an x64-targeted version of the Java Runtime Environment (JRE). When using tcp/binary or http/soap, you may use either an x64-targeted version or an x86-targeted version.
  • If you are deploying a 32-bit .NET application to an x64 system (that is, you are deploying a .NET application built to target the “x86” platform rather than targeted to ‘”x64” or “Any CPU”, if you are using shared memory, you should use a x86-targeted version of the JRE and the assemblies from the x86-targeted assemblies version of JNBridgePro.
  • If you are deploying an ASP.NET Web application to run on 64-bit ASP.NET and using shared-memory communications, you should use the x64-targeted assemblies. If you are using 32-bit ASP.NET and shared memory, you should use the x86-targeted assemblies.
  • 64-bit support for shared memory is only available for .NET 2.0. If you have a .NET 1.x-targeted application and you want to deploy it to an x64 system, you can use tcp/binary or http/soap, or you can deploy your 1.x-targeted application as a 32-bit ‘x86’ application (see above).

 JNBridgePro 64bit version