Start64!FlameRobin is a GUI administration and data manipulation tool for Firebird databases. It is designed to be small, simple and cross-platform, yet offer all the basic features needed to administer Firebird servers and create/maintain databases. FlameRobin is Open Source software and binaries are currently available for Windows, several GNU/Linux and BSD flavours and MacOS X. Ports to other platforms are possible, subject to the availability of maintainers for those platforms.

What FlameRobin is NOT

FlameRobin is not a full-featured administration tool with lots of bells and whistles, as there are plenty available for Firebird from several different parties. Our first goal with FlameRobin is to provide people not used to the command line with a GUI tool to get started with Firebird. Our longer-term goal is to develop a richer tool mainly for the Linux platform; while there are several rich and mature GUI tools under Windows, some of them available for free or for a modest price, there isn't any for Linux. Another goal of the project is for a "lite" edition of FlameRobin to be bundled with the Firebird server to serve as a starting kit for new users. This bundle may be distributed by the Firebird Project itself or by some third party.

FlameRobin 64bit version
FlameRobin - 64bit software