Krento 64bit version

2014-Mar-13 | Tags: desktopthemefreewarestartmenuvirtual desktopwin8-64bit

Start64!Most users feel that Application launcher is the most essential Application for them to install. Application launcher can save our desktop space and assist us in boosting our productivity. With Krento you can launch your programs or open web pages from a circular 3D dock. You can save and load your docks, having more than one application set available.

  • Accessing Krento Stones Circle - You can visualize Krento Stones Circe by pressing mouse wheel or "Windows" + C key combination. You can also double click on Krento Pulsar for the same result.
  • Replace Stone Action - Drag and drop any file, shortcut to the application or web address from your favorite browser to one of the Krento stones
  • Launch your favorite application - You can lauch selected application by pressing "Enter" key or by mouse click on Krento Stone. You can also use Ctrl + Fxx (F1..F12) key combination to launch application without selecting the stone

Krento 64bit version

Krento Features

Krento puts all your documents, applications and Internet bookmarks just a single click away.

  • Drag and drop for files and Internet bookmarks
  • Easy usage with mouse or with keyboard only
  • Instantly accessible at any time
  • Open, extendible architecture
  • Compatible with Rocket Dock skins
  • Save and load custom stones sets

Krento 64bit version
Krento - 64bit software