Start64!Extramon lets you use a second computer as a second monitor, giving you a dual-monitor computer. In fact, both of your computers become dual-monitor computers. And you can operate them both from a single keyboard and mouse. No hardware or cabling needed. All you need is two networked computers sitting side-by-side.

Extramon sends video across the network and displays it on the other computer's monitor. Windows thinks that each of your computers has two monitors. Extramon has an on-screen switch that allows you to choose which computer you're looking at. You can turn off dual-monitor mode at any time and just operate each computer individually from a single keyboard and mouse.

  • Nobody every complained about having too much screen space. If you have two computers available (such as a laptop and a desktop), it makes sense to use them both. 
  • Having dual monitors lets you keep your email open on one monitor while you work on the other.    
  • You'll spend less time switching back and forth between applications.  

Extramon under x64 

Notes for Windows 7 and Vista users:

The Extramon video driver cannot be installed alongside a WDDM video driver (i.e., on a computer with the Aero user interface, which gives you the fancy graphical effects on Windows 7 and Vista). See this page for more information.

Also, the Extramon video driver cannot be installed on a computer running Windows 7 or Vista x64 Edition without restarting the computer and using the F8 option to permit unsigned drivers. Without using the F8 option, you cannot extend the desktop of a Windows 7 or Vista x64 computer (although you can still extend the desktop of an adjoining computer).

Requirements: Windows 7 or earlier (back to Windows 2000) on each computer. (The download includes true 64-bit software for Windows x64 Editions.)

Extramon under x64
Extramon - 64bit software