Start64!A disk image manager that fully supports creating, reading and editing image files. It is able to show the contents of an image. Files and folders can be added or removed, the tree structure can be displayed and the format of the image file can be changed.

The program supports several file systems and formats (DMF, VHD, FAT, ISO, NTFS and Linux). A disk image is an exact copy of either a physical drive (floppy, CD/DVD, hard disk, memory card, etc.) or a partition, maintaining the original structure.

The program can be used either for archiving or for a system backup before software installation or system-level intervention. Backup of drives can be scheduled, reducing the risk of data loss in case of system failure or physical damage. WinImage is also able to create an image file for making a stand-alone boot CD. It also makes boot floppy management easier: these can be stored as image files and copied to a floppy disk as required.


WinImage 64 bit


  • Image file creation from a variety of media
  • Showing the contents of the image file
  • Creation of blank image files
  • Adding files and folders to existing image files
  • Changing image file format
  • Defragmenting image files
  • Flexibly configurable automatisms
  • Compatibility with VMWare Vmdk Disk image


WinImage 64 bit
WinImage - 64bit software