fryrender 64bit version

2008-Jun-27 | Tags: 3dwin8-64bit

Start64!fryrender is the unbiased spectral renderer developed by Feversoft. All the elements involved in the render (materials, lights, cameras, ...) are based on physically accurate models up to the point that when you hit render a simulation of the real behavior of light happens inside. Moreover, fryrender is the first engine of its kind capable of transforming scenes into a format that can be navigated in real-time with the aid of our Virtual Reality technology Random Control 4.

fryrender 64bit version 

Why choose fryrender ?

Besides its quality, stability, and speed, our engine comes packed with an outstanding list of useful features that really make the difference.

Moreover, fryrender's development moves really fast and we can assure you that the current status of the product is just the beginning.

And last, but certainly not least, we put great care into listening to our customers. You can be sure that fryrender has been developed with you in mind.

fryrender 64bit version

What platforms are supported by fryrender?

Regarding what Operating Systems our render engine is compatible with, fryrender and its plugins run under Microsoft Windows XP, x64, and Vista, both in 32-bit and 64-bit

fryrender 64bit version

Product Overview

  • All the properties for physical materials, cameras, environment, … are available to your host modelling app of choice via our plugins. This way, you don’t need to learn a new application in order to use our technology.
  • Materials in fryrender are strictly physically-based. They’re controlled by real-life parameters and not only do they cover all the relevant phenomena our eyes can see, but they also look strikingly real.
  • The accurate light simulation performed by our engine takes into account all the components of the Global Illumination of the scene automatically. You can choose between mesh emitters, HDR Image-Based Lighting, Physical Sky, ...
  • A reflex camera is simulated along with its optics and film parameters in order to achieve photographic results. All the effects such as exposure, Depth-of-Field, Bokeh, motion blur, ... happen automatically just like they would in a real camera.
  • All the controls in the tonemapping system react in real-time, even while the render is computing.
    You can change the exposure, gamma correction, hues, color temperature, or even more complex lens effects such as vignetting, bloom or glare dynamically.
  • Our engine is an accurate simulator of the real behavior of light. It is based on the Laws of Physics, and all the computations are performed using unbiased spectral algorithms.
  • With fryrender you can render simultaneously in all the computers you have a license for. You can choose whether to distribute different render tasks across the network, or set the computers to render co-operatively.
  • fryrender is the first render engine of its kind capable of transporting scenes into a format that will make them navigable in real-time. This revolutionary technology which we call Random Control 4 will be available soon.

 fryrender 64bit version
fryrender - 64bit software