FlexPDE 64bit version

2016-Apr-19 | Tags: 3d

Start64!FlexPDE is a "scripted finite element model builder and numerical solver". By this we mean that from a script written by the user, FlexPDE performs the operations necessary to turn a description of a partial differential equations system into a finite element model, solve the system, and present graphical and tabular output of the results.

FlexPDE x64 version

FlexPDE is also a "problem solving environment". It performs the entire range of functions necessary to solve partial differential equation systems: an editor for preparing scripts, a mesh generator for building finite element meshes, a finite element solver to find solutions, and a graphics system to plot results. The user can edit the script, run the problem and observe the output, then re-edit and re-run repeatedly without leaving the FlexPDE application environment.

FlexPDE x64 version

  • FlexPDE can solve systems of first or second order partial differential equations in one, two or three-dimensional Cartesian geometry, in one-dimensional spherical or cylindrical geometry, or in axi-symmetric two-dimensional geometry.  (Other geometries can be supported by including the proper terms in the PDE.)
  • The system may be steady-state or time-dependent, or alternatively FlexPDE can solve eigenvalue problems.  Steady-state and time-dependent equations can be mixed in a single problem.
  • Any number of simultaneous equations can be solved, subject to the limitations of the computer on which FlexPDE is run.
  • The equations can be linear or nonlinear.  (FlexPDE automatically applies a modified Newton-Raphson iteration process in nonlinear systems.)
  • Any number of regions of different material properties may be defined.
  • Modeled variables are assumed to be continuous across material interfaces.  Jump conditions on derivatives follow from the statement of the PDE system. (CONTACT boundary conditions can handle discontinuous variables.)
  • FlexPDE can be extremely easy to use, and this feature recommends it for use in education. But FlexPDE is not a toy.  By full use of its power, it can be applied successfully to extremely difficult problems.

FlexPDE x64 version
FlexPDE - 64bit software