Volocity 64bit version

2013-Jul-19 | Tags: 3dimage

Start64!The most technically innovative and complete 3D imaging solution ever created for Life Science research. Four unique, totally integrated products provide a full suite of tools for 3D image acquisition, volume visualization, restoration, publication, and object measurement, tracking and charting. Award winning design, available for Mac and Windows OS.

Introducing the Volocity Product Family

Volocity Acquisition – fast and easy does it!
Capture your data on a Mac or PC using Volocity Acquisition – 3D or 4D, single or multi-channel – whatever your research demands. The intuitive software interface is easy to use and customise and places you fully in control.

If you need high speed image capture, Volocity Acquisition is the solution for you. Our unique parallel processing and video streaming architecture is designed to acquire image sequences direct to hard disk at the maximum frame rate possible from each supported camera.

Volocity Visualization – see things in the round
View your cells in 3D and 4D with Volocity Visualization. Explore, rotate, fly through your samples as never before, in real time, in incredible detail and clarity. Volocity Visualization provides high quality rendering with total interactivity – now you can dynamically visualize both the structure and the purpose of biological structures.

Volocity 64bit version

Volocity Quantitation – an object lesson in measurement and tracking!
Find, measure, track and chart objects in your samples using the huge range of features in Volocity Quantitation. Train Volocity to automatically identify the structure of interest, then ask it to find and measure objects in one time point, or track them over multiple time points.

View the object tracks overlaid on the 2D images or 3D volume, to see the dynamics within your sample in a new way. Analyze your measurements by summarising and extracting data from your results, and create charts in 2D or interactive 3D.

Volocity Restoration – reveal the detail
Use the powerful algorithms in Volocity Restoration to eliminate noise and blur in your data. Measured or calculated PSF generation options are included for confocal and wide field microscopes. The Fast Restoration tool provides an instantaneous improvement in XY resolution, or use Iterative Restoration for improvement in XY and Z resolution – it’s up to you, both are provided.

Volocity 64 - 36% Faster - Improvision is delighted to announce that Volocity is the first scientific imaging software to include a 64-bit version.

Benchmark tests confirm that Volocity is up to 36% faster with Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition. Whereas 3D rendering performance is directly related to the type of graphics card other computationally intensive operations such as deconvolution and image analysis are significantly quicker with the 64 bit edition of Volocity.

Volocity 64bit version
Volocity - 64bit software