Start64!DriveClone is designed to completely copy all files, applications and Windows system from one Hard Drive/SSD/Flash to another Hard Drive/SSD/Flash. You can easily clone your Hard Drive/SSD/Flash to a different size SSD drive (smaller or bigger) for better performance. DriveClone will automatically adjust and resize partitions during cloning process to reduce the process complications.

For all our valuable customers, we provides a Free to use, buy when satisfied service model. This means that our 14 days trial version is a complete software with all its features available; Feel free to clone and upgrade your disks, just don't forget to purchase once you're satisifed with our product.


DriveClone under Windows 7 64-bit


DriveClone under Windows 7 64-bit


  • Hard Drive to Hard Drive Cloning
  • Solid State Drive Cloning
  • Hard Drive to SSD Cloning
  • Cloned Hard Drive is Immediately Bootable
  • Clone Different Size Hard Drives and Solid State Drives
  • Clone Entire Hard Drive & Windows
  • Clone to Bigger or Smaller Drive
  • Any Size Drive Cloning (>= 4TB drive)
  • Incremental Cloning
  • UEFI/GPT/RAID Cloning
  • Convert to VMware & Hyper-v
  • Mirror Drive
  • Free for non-commercial use


DriveClone under Windows 7 64-bit
c:\Program Files (x86)\FarStone\DriveClone\files\X64