XXCLONE 64-bit version

2014-Apr-02 | Tags: adminbackupcopyfreeware

Start64!XXCLONE copies (clones) your Windows system disk into another disk with the system files, installed applications, and all of your data files. It is an ideal tool for periodic system disk backup on a regular basis. It makes the target disk Self-Bootable that can replace your main disk without further steps (such as the Restore procedure).

It can migrate your Windows disk into a new one with a different capacity (typically to a larger one). Our proprietary HyperSync algorithm makes the periodic backup operation extremely fast. XXCLONE operates inside the Windows environment which allows you to use your computer while XXCLONE runs in the background.


XXCLONE 64-bit version


  • XXCLONE supports Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, and Win7 (32/64 bit), including their respective server variations (2003/2003R2/2008/2008R2/2011).
  • XXCLONE duplicates the Windows system volume and makes the target volume self-bootable.
  • XXCLONE can duplicate both the system volume and non-system volumes.
  • XXCLONE can perform an Incremental Backup to cut down the time for a periodic backup.
  • XXCLONE can copy a source volume to a much larger volume.
  • The target volume can even be smaller than the source as long as there is enough space available to hold the volume.
  • XXCLONE supports FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS partitions.
  • The XXCLONE-Pro version supports the "Folder-to-Folder" cloning. The folder may be on a disk of a remote computer on network.
  • Even though the current version of XXCLONE displays only English text, it supports any non-English Windows system. Specifically, Unicode-based file and folder names are fully supported.
  • The source and the target volume need not be of the same file system. I.e., XXCLONE can copy a FAT volume into NTFS volume and vice versa, and still make the target volume self-bootable.
  • XXCLONE-Pro can repair a non-bootable Windows system volume and make it self-bootable again.
  • XXCLONE can be used on desktop computers and also on notebook computers.
  • XXCLONE can handle internal disks (IDE, SATA, SCSI) as well as external disks (USB, Firewire).
  • XXCLONE can copy the system volume to an external disk and make the target volume self-bootable (Note: the newly cloned disk must be connected to the computer as an internal disk to boot).
  • You may abort XXCLONE's lengthly backup operation in the middle and later resume the operation from where you left off.
  • XXCLONE can be executed in the background while you use the computer for regular usage (e.g., Web browsing, Email, word processing, spreadsheet, etc.)
  • You may throttle down the CPU usage of the background XXCLONE operation so that your foreground tasks do not become noticeably sluggish.
  • When the target disk is created for the first time, the volume will automatically become free of disk-fragmentation even from a highly fragmented source volume.
  • XXCLONE can be invoked completely from a batch file script for automatic, unattended operations.


XXCLONE 64-bit version
XXCLONE - 64-bit software