CrashPlan 64bit version

2012-Apr-06 | Tags: backupfreewareonline backup

Start64!Truly dependable computer backup means backing up to multiple locations - not just online - which until now could be complicated. CrashPlan automatically backs up to multiple destinations for FREE! CrashPlan's groundbreaking social backup concept makes it easy to back up to computers belonging to your network of friends or family for offsite backup, in addition to using your own computers and external drives for onsite backup. CrashPlan works on all your computers, so you don't have to worry about compatibility either.

Automatic Backup - CrashPlan backup happens all by itself. Nothing to remember. No annoying popups. If backup is interrupted, CrashPlan automatically resumes when computers become available again.

Back Up Attached Drives - CrashPlan backup software can back up files and folders on attached drives. You can even remove and later reattach drives without restarting the backup. CrashPlan doesn’t care how long they’ve been disconnected either.

CrashPlan 64bit version

Unlimited File Size - Some backup services limit the size of files you can back up. CrashPlan backup software has no restriction on file sizes.

Open / Locked File Support - On OS X and Linux, you can back up any open file. On Windows, CrashPlan uses Microsoft's Volume Shadow Copy Service. If the application that created the open file does not support VSS, CrashPlan backup software retries until the file is not busy.

CrashPlan 64bit version

Smart Backup - Backups to different destinations occur one at a time. To ensure you'll have a full backup at one location as soon as possible, CrashPlan automatically determines the order of your backups based on which destination will complete first. In general backups to local destinations happen before remote backup.

Backup Scheduling - If you want to control when computer backups take place, CrashPlan gives you the option to schedule your backup.

Outstanding Customer Service - Answering questions from our Minnesota headquarters, CrashPlan Support professionals are trained to deliver insanely great knowledgeable, helpful, supportive customer service. Whether you are new to computer backup with basic questions or a backup pro with advanced technical issues, CrashPlan Support is ready to help.

CrashPlan 64bit version
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