LojiklSweep 64bit version

2012-Aug-12 | Tags: backup

Start64!LojiklSweep is a flexible backup tool that can be twisted and turned, folded and moulded to fit almost any backup task. LojiklSweep was created out of a desire to be able to customize home to medium sized business backup requirements.

Intuitive & Effective user interface - Get the job done without learning a complex interface. - Backups can be quite complex. You need a a clear UI to help guide you through the process.

Multiple storage methods - Safe, Secure and easily accessible. - Backups are arranged in a way that makes them easily recoverable, even if you don't have access to LojiklSweep. To ensure the security of your data, add Encryption or save space by adding Compression.


LojiklSweep 64bit version


Flexible backup methodolgies - You can store your data just about anywhere. - LojiklSweep will allow you to backup to Local or Network Folders, FTP Servers, CD/DVD Images or even to Digital Bucket's online data store. Store your data in the 'cloud' for true peace of mind.

Advanced Timestamping - Cycling and Time dependant backups. - Advanced Time stamping lets you backup to folders that are created by using the Current Date and Time, the machine, Use name or even the Project and Schedule.


LojiklSweep 64bit version


Unique, Time saving backup structure - Backup Projects define what to backup, Tasks define when and how to backup. - Sometimes you will want to define one set of files and folders but store them in different ways depending on the schedule. LojiklSweep allows you to send Monthly backups to a removable drive, Daily backups to another hard disk or any combination you may think of.

Easily choose what to backup - Built-in "Providers" will automatically find whats important to you. - An extensible provider framework allows Outlook Mail, FireFox Favorites or your entire Documents folder to be backuped with a few clicks. If you have an idea of something thats missing lets us know, we can add it very easily, and soon you will be able to create your own.

Built in Restore Manager - LojiklSweep tells you what's changed and recover it for you. - The Restore Manager will scan your Backup and the original data and tell you what is new, what has changed and what is missing. Use this flexible to easily recover lost files or overritten data.

LojiklSweep 64bit version
LojiklSweep - 64bit software