DriveHQ Online Backup 64bit version

2014-May-07 | Tags: online backup

Start64!New version! - Data backup was hard and expensive. It usually requires a professional system administrator, plus expensive backup software and hardware. With DriveHQ Online Backup, now you can easily backup / restore your data from anywhere. It doesn't require a backup device! Better, it's more secure and reliable than your local backup because your data is saved to a secure offsite location.

DriveHQ Online Backup can be setup instantly; it can automatically backup multiple PCs, laptops and servers. Backup your business data before any disasters happen!  

DriveHQ Online Backup4.5 stores backup files on, which is one of the best online file storage, sharing and backup service websites. Files stored on are backed up every few hours and protected with usernames and passwords. For users who require higher-level security, DriveHQ Online Backup supports secure transferring of data with HTTPS/SSL; it also supports Encrypted Backup. So the service is very secure and reliable.

DriveHQ Online Backup 64bit version

Why choose DriveHQ Online Backup?

  • Secure, reliable and easy-to-use online backup service;
  • Simple application user interface, easy one-step backup wizard, plus an advanced backup wizard;
  • Can run as Windows (NT) service; protects your servers even when nobody is logged on.
  • Can backup locked / open files; can backup Outlook Emails.
  • Automatically backup files right after changes; schedule backup task to run daily or weekly at a specified time.
  • Integrates with Windows Explorer, users can right click on any files/folders and select "DriveHQ Online Backup--> Quick Backup".
  • One user account can backup multiple PCs; backup data can be restored to any new computers anywhere, anytime!

DriveHQ Online Backup 64bit version
DriveHQ Online Backup - 64bit software