Casper Secure Drive Backup 64 bit version

2015-Sep-21 | Tags: backup

Start64!Casper Secure Drive Backup is a hard disk cloning solution designed specifically for users of PGP Whole Disk Encryption technology looking for a safe, secure, and dependable backup and recovery solution for their PGP encrypted PC. As a backup and recovery solution, Casper Secure Drive Backup offers these unique advantages:

Casper Secure Drive Backup 64bit version

  • Fast, Completely Encrypted System Backups. Casper Secure Drive Backup creates a completely encrypted copy of a PGP whole-disk-encrypted Windows system drive. Unlike traditional backup and disk imaging solutions that can produce only an unencrypted backup of a PGP whole-disk-encrypted PC, Casper Secure Drive Backup creates a backup that actually persists all of the encrypted data in its orignal encrypted state. In addition, exclusive SmartClone™ technology enables Casper Secure Drive Backup to maintain a complete backup in the same amount of time required by most traditional backup programs to perform a partial or incremental unencrypted backup of an encrypted disk.
  • Rapid Recovery. In the event of a hard disk failure, a backup created by Casper Secure Drive Backup can be used as an immediate and permanent replacement for the failed hard disk. No special rescue disks or arduous data restoration processes are required to facilitate recovery, and most importantly, no lengthy re-encryption process is required.
  • Convenience. Casper Secure Drive Backup enables complete system backups to be performed at any time so there is never a need to restart the computer or stop work to create a backup. Integrated scheduling permits the backup to be performed completely unattended in the background. Exclusive 1-Click Cloning™ makes even on-demand backups a snap.

Casper Secure Drive Backup 64bit version

Casper Secure Drive Backup 64bit version
Casper Secure Drive Backup - 64bit software