Start64!IBackup Drive maps your online storage account as a local drive on your computer, allowing you to drag-n-drop, open, edit and save files in your online backup account, as though it were your local machine. Recommended for most users for its ease of installation and 128-bit SSL encryption during transmission.

IBackup Drive guarantees superior performance*, often 30% or more, compared to competition. This, in turn, translates to improved productivity for you.


 IBackup Drive x64 version


Multimedia Drive is a variation of Network Drive technology (available for XP, 2000 and Vista) with ability to stream multimedia content like audio and video, using your favorite Media player. It also supports concurrent operations for Access and other Office applications. Click here for details on Multimedia Drive and to download the setup program.


 IBackup Drive x64 version

General Features

  • Ability to map your online IBackup account as a Network Drive to your computer
  • Supports International character sets of most major languages including French, Spanish, German, Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew and Italian
  • Encrypts all data transfers with 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Directory and file caching for faster read access to data
  • Intelligent caching that updates your local cache with the latest version of the data in IBackup if it has been modified by other users in a collaborative environment
  • File transfer resumption on temporary disconnections
  • Automatic proxy detection and update
  • Allows sharing of files/folders for collaborative access
  • Proxy support

System Requirements

  • Windows Vista, Windows XP (Service Pack 2), Windows Server 2003, Windows 2000 (Service Pack 3 and higher).
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 and higher
  • 64 MB RAM for 32-bit Edition, 256 MB RAM for 64-bit Edition
  • 10 MB free hard disk space for the installed program. 20 MB or more recommended for local caching
  • Administrator privileges to install and use the application


IBackup Drive x64 version
IBackup Drive - 64bit software