Start64!New version! - vmcNetflix is an add-in for Microsoft Windows Vista Media Center which allows you to manage your NetFlix subscription,  stream  NetFlix "WatchNow" movies directly to the Media Center player, or download the movies for playback later from a "WatchLater" gallery.

The major features currently included:

  • Stream WatchNow movies directly to the Media Center player.
  • Download WatchNow movies to a "Watch Later" gallery.
  • Support for Vista Extenders on both x86 and x64 platforms.
  • Support for NetFilx Instant Queue.
  • Support for Episode listings.
  • Search for movies by keyword.
  • Browse DVD and WatchNow movies by genres.
  • Sort Gallery by Title, Year, or Star Rating.
  • View your queue, history, and recommendations.
  • Add, remove, move movies in your queue.
  • Supports DVD/Movie Partental Controls
  • Dynamically switch between small, medium and large gallery listings using FastForward and Rewind buttons on your remote.
  • Switch to full screen anytime video is playing by simply pressing the Play button on your remote.
  • Prevents standby/sleep while downloads are still in the queue - requires Vista Media Center PC to be configured in "Away Mode".

vmcNetFlix x64 version
vmcNetFlix x64 version