Start64!Dreamset is a settings editor for digital satellite receivers running Enigma 1, Enigma 2 and Neutrino Plus firmwares like DreamBox. Triple Dragon receivers are also supported. You can use Dreamset to edit Settings of the following formats:

  • Enigma-1
  • Enigma-2(Satellite/Cable/Terrestrial)
  • Neutrino NPlus
  • Triple Dragon

Also Dreamset can open and import settings of the following formats:

  • DGStation/Relook 200s/400s (dat)
  • Nokia 9800s/9902s Files (m98)
  • LyngSat script files (dat)
  • SatcoDx(sdx)
  • DVB (dvb)
  • Humax (hnf)




Dreamset offers a user friendly interface with a plethora of usefull operations which make settings modification easier.

  • Add,Change,Delete bouquets and favorite lists
  • Reorganize services in bouquets and favorite lists
  • Add,Change,Delete services,transponders,satellites
  • Flexible User Interface, multiple selection and Drag & Drop.
  • User defined Sorting of services in a list/bouquet and other sorting operations
  • Multilanguage support for names(Unicode Support).
  • Markers support.
  • Clipboard Copy/Paste of lists,services,channels,transponders (you can copy.paste from one Dreamset to another)
  • Import Favorite Lists from other settings like DreamBox,Nokia 9800,Humax.
  • Convert settings to other supported formats.
  • Multilanguage User Interface support.
  • DreamBox configuration editor (advanced).
  • Custom telnet and http commands
  • Dreamset can minimized to tray, right cklick to Dreamset Icon popups a menu with basic operations
  • Multibox Configuration, you can define more then one box and switch between them at once.
  • Signal monitor and DiseqC motor control from dreamset (dreambox plugin is installed in your box) only for Enigma 1 and Neutrino


Dreamset - 64bit software

  • Current version: 2.4.13
  • Release date: 2019-02-22