Start64!Welcome to the world of C64 music. TinySID is the smallest SID player available. Its most advantage lies in its unique HardSID support, that is:


  • exact C64 <-> PC cycle syncronizing
  • multispeed tunes will use the same timing a real C64 does
  • improved HardSID sample output (includes mixer)
  • support for multiprocessor systems
  • Current windows 32 bit version requires just 23kbyte.


TinySID - x64 version


Current version features:

  • Multiplatform
    • Native 32/64 bit windows support (both with hardsid support)
    • Runs on Unix/linux platform (hardsid version available, but not online yet)
    • Apple Macinthosh OS X 10.4 universal binary (beta version)
    • Playstation Portable (PSP) version available
    • Also incorporated in rockbox for portable mp3 players
  • Accurate playback on both hardsid and software emulation, includes multispeed tunes
  • Digitized sample playback on both hardsid and software emulation
  • 99% 6510 cpu emulation (still some bugs to fix)
  • Fat 6581 SID emulation, including filters. Sounds different than other players!


TinySID - x64 version
TinySID - 64bit software