Comodo Unite 64bit version

2011-Sep-15 | Tags: comodofreewarenetworkremotesslvpn

Start64!Comodo Unite allows users of all experience levels to group multiple computers into their own network by establishing direct and secure VPN connections between them. This peer-to-peer virtual private networking (VPN) application and instant messenger client requires no expert configuration and effectively simulates a local area network over the Internet using 128 bit encrypted SSL connections.

  • Comes complete with an instant messenger client that allows you to send and receive messages and files over an encrypted communications channel
  • Allows you to quickly and securely access your home computer while at work and vice-versa
  • Lets you easily share your applications and browsers with other users on your network
  • Simplifies the process of gaining RDP control over other networked computers
  • Works on a wide variety of networks and configurations - even those behind Network Address Translation systems (NATs) and corporate firewalls
  • Provides full user network authentication prior to connection to servers.
  • Provides network management via Unite web interface.

Comodo Unite 64bit version

The following operating systems are supported:

  • Windows XP x64 Edition
  • Windows Vista x64 Edition
  • Windows 7 x64 Edition

Comodo Unite 64bit version
Comodo Unite - 64bit software